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What Makes Social Games …Social?

A social game is when you can easily share your progress with your friends and family and get them involved in your gaming journey.

Sharing your results with your friends or followers

Mims The Game offers you easy access into sharing the games and allowing your followers to keep track of your constant wins and losses.

Inviting others to play the game with you

Want to play with others? With us, you can easily invite the players you would like to play with and also keep a note on the other player’s progress.

Posting awards and achievements to your profile

You can boast about your gaming achievements with Mims The Game; all you have to do is sign in with us and start to play.

Easy Way to Play Your Favorite Slots Without Spending Any Money

You can be sure that you can access trending games that people love with our unique platform. You can share and receive a few updates that can help you enhance gaming quality.

over 100 exciting and unique slots

With over 100 unique slots to choose from, we want to provide everyone with something that they can enjoy.

over 5 million users and 12 million followers

From our launch to date, we have over 5 million trusted followers who have enjoyed our gambling and gaming services. If you are a gambler, this is the platform that you have been waiting for where you can join like-minded people.


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How to win real money on slot games

How to win real money on slot games

This guide for online casinos is ideal for real money slot games. Most can also be played with bonuses. Why play online slots for real money? Only gambling with real money gives you the chance of winning money. Playing for real brings several benefits which we can...

The Best Online Slot Game Developers

The Best Online Slot Game Developers

Developers, and even more so the online casino gaming developers, are fighting daily to be known as number one in the industry. Since they first hit the virtual world in 1994 the amount of developers has grown just as quickly as the popularity of the game increased....

Best Ways to Try Real Money Slots at Online Casinos

Best Ways to Try Real Money Slots at Online Casinos

With the onset of the Coronavirus 19 epidemic, there has been a trend toward moving previously in-person endeavours to an online platform. The same can be said about the world of online casino gaming. Slot games that are offered in real casinos are also offered in online casino gaming rooms, as well. This means that you can play real slot games in real online casinos! There are several ways to get enrolled to participate in these games.

Sign up with an Online Casino with a Minimum Deposit Bonus

One of the best ways that you can get started playing real slot games online is to sign up with an online casino. Various websites offer slot games. The majority of these websites will require that as the user, you enter essential information such as your name or address. They will also ask you questions about your preferences in gaming. You will be asked to create a username or screen name for your profile, too. This will give you an online identity that you can use while doing your slot gaming in the virtual casino. Many online casinos offer perks to new users like free play or a bonus amount of chips that you can use for playing your first few slots for as little as a $10 minimum deposit. Besides this, it will be necessary for you to invest your own funds to gain funds on your slot game winnings. There are systems set up in the online casino gaming world that make it possible for you to earn big as long as you input the necessary amount of funds to play freely.

Minimum Deposit Bonus

The best online casinos offer a minimum deposit bonus for their players. This means when you sign up with a certain amount of funds, you are then given a bonus just for signing up. This is done to incentivize players to invest a substantial amount of funds because the casino truly wants to see you gain a return on your investment.

Download a Slot Gaming App

There are various applications available for download wherein you can play slot games. Believe it or not, many of these apps that you download on your phone or mobile device are even completely free of charge on android or iOS. This also means that many of them do not offer real monetary winnings. Online apps are a great way to gain practice for when you decide to actually sign up for a virtual casino. It is true that with slots, luck and probability are the primary factors in determining whether or not you win. However, to a certain degree knowing when to play and when not to play is determined by experience and skill. This means that developing your know-how in a free of charge app will help prepare you for how to properly play the slots in a real online casino.

Free Spins Bonus for Minimum Deposits

Another way that online casinos incentivize their players to see a maximum amount of gains for their investment is with free spins. Free spins are spins that are offered completely free of charge and are often given as a token of appreciation in exchange for the player making a minimum deposit. Minimum deposit amounts for online casinos can range anywhere from $25 to $1,000 and completely depends on the quality of the virtual gaming establishment. These free spins allow players to potentially earn great gains on each free spin that they are offered. When playing slots, the player’s probability of luck is completely dependent upon the sheer number of spins that he is given. For this reason, free spins are a great gift that the online casino can offer to the new player.

Casinos with No Deposit Bonus

The new sign-up to the online casino may want to seek out virtual casinos that do not have a minimum deposit bonus. This is because this will make it possible for the new player to play the slots at little to bare minimum investment initially. There are several reasons why the new player may want to seek out a casino with no minimum deposit bonus. The player may simply have great faith in his own luck and not require extra funds or free spins. Additionally, the player may want to make a minimal investment because he or she is short on funds. He or she may also want to make a minimal investment because he or she wants to test the waters of the particular virtual casino or to slot gaming in general. For those who are not so sure as to whether they want to make a regular habit of online slot gaming, it is a good option to seek out a virtual casino with a low minimum deposit or no minimum deposit at all. By choosing a website that does not have a minimum deposit, he or she will take less risk with the small amount of money that is invested.

Preparing to Sign Up

Should you really not be one hundred percent sure that you want to invest in an online casino, you may want to read around on the internet for reviews of the casino. This is one way that you can establish your trust in the virtual casino brand without actually having to put down hundreds of dollars from the get-go. Another way that you can test the waters of an online gaming casino is to see if there are free trials available. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to try out all of the different games that the casino has to offer you as a player. This will be a resource that may be available to you free of charge until you decide to move forward with upgrading your membership. You can try out different free trials at different online casinos and then after your trials expire, you can choose the best casino for you.

2020 guide to best social casino slot Apps

2020 guide to best social casino slot Apps

Slots in general have changed a lot in recent years. With the advancements in the game, there is a lot that has been achieved. The player experience has been enhanced. The site nowadays offers a different experience. You are not just playing against the house, but the purpose is to eventually rise through the levels, unlock the game which is mixed with social interaction. This is something that is new for all the players and creates an experience that can’t be replicated.

How Do Social Casinos Work?

They work the same as the normal casinos would work except that there is a high level of interaction involved. The most preferred way to play on them is through your phones but you can also access through your laptop or computer. You can use your social media or download the apps from the play store. The sign up is easy and you will find it very convenient to use. As you progress through the game, you will be given chips to play. You can sign up through your social media accounts or directly through your account. There are bonuses that you can unlock. The apps are designed in such a way that you can buy chips in the App and you can also unlock new levels with a little payment.

Zynga Hit it Rich Social Casino

Zynga Hit it Rich Social Casino:

Zynga is one of the most popular casinos on the internet. The design is interactive and has been programmed in such a way that it makes gambling fun. It has a game of thrones theme and once you get in the game, you are pushed through the interactive features of the game. There are Marilyn Monroe and Wizard of Oz themed and you will need to unlock the games as you progress through. You will also get the perks that are absent in other games. Keep your eyes open and look for the various perks that the game offers from time to time like bonuses.

Caesars Games Social Casino:

The intelligent use of the design in Caesars casino is something that this casino is known for. The graphics are much better and there are perks that you don’t want to miss. For a start, you will receive 25,000 coins to start playing. There are also rewards that you will get in your inbox so it is better to check the message box from time to time. They’re also a lot of themes to choose from. If you haven’t played an online gambling game, this casino will live up to your expectations. There is an in-app purchase and easy to go features to make sure that it is convenient to navigate.



Social casino slots are much fun. You get to see the progress of others, as well as various features, are very new. The task is to rise through the levels where you get the promotions to help you progress through the game.

Gambling advertisements on social platforms: How do advertisements for social casino games target a young population

Gambling advertisements on social platforms: How do advertisements for social casino games target a young population

There are a lot of things that have shifted in the past couple of years. This has led to a radical shift in the industry. Social casino is gaming one such area that merges gaming and social interaction in such a way that the whole thing becomes more interactive and fun. This is rapidly becoming popular among other players. To entice new players, gambling houses adopt a lot of features, and the approach matters from time to time. Similar is the case with social casino games where they have to understand the target audience and make their decision based on that.

Social casino gaming:

Social casino gaming is becoming a lot popular and it is the reason that it mixes gambling with your social circle. You no longer have to sign up for a casino but you can play these games right from your social media account. on top of that, you are allowed to interact and see the progress of those in your circle. This is rapidly being adopted by various business houses. There are similarities in gambling and social casino games, but they vary a lot. The companies use graphics that entice the younger population. These include images of young characters, cartoon animal characters, gambling, and references to popular culture. These are quickly bought by the target audience. However, these are very intelligent themes and are taken only after consideration and proper planning. Nothing is rampant but part of a strategy. Advertisements play an important role in the overall picture and since social media is one of the tools that give you the power to reach a huge audience, the planning needs to be thorough. The references of the adult culture will be found in the advertisements. This attracts more the young population who are drawn towards the casino.

Social casino gaming


Like on the internet, casinos use various things to attract a crowd. This includes things like gambling, winning, normalization of gambling, play for free and other features that will encourage the player to play. These things manifest an approachable image of gambling  in the minds of the public which makes the casino games a favorable choice. There are methods that other companies take while advertising. For a start, there will be no additional information on the advertisements as it is targeted for the sole purpose of traffic but the social media companies will add a warning or additional information for that particular advertisement. This makes sure that you are provided the basic knowledge that you require in the game.


Gambling games target their audience differently and make sure that they are attracted. They use references to the young culture and also themes that entice the audience. On top of that, there are perks offered to the player to further approach them. Bright colors and Las Vegas are one of the features that hold a positive view of the youth culture.

Most famous online slots of 2020

Most famous online slots of 2020

Ever since the advent of the internet, there is a lot that has changed in the casino industry. You no longer have to venture out of your home and you can play your favorite game from the comfort of your home. There are a lot of choices to choose from and once you have established the credibility of the slot, you can give it a go. Even though it is easy to play, you must know that the site you are using to play the game is a legal one. This will ensure that your money is safe on the internet.

Betway Casino:

This is one of the most popular names in the casino industry. No matter what kind of casino games that you are interested in, Betway has got everything that you can. There are more than 500 casino games that you can choose from and on top of that, you have access to one of the best slots in the industry. The customer care is friendly and can solve all your problems. It has been around for about more than 20 years and comes with a generous welcome package. The design is smooth and easy to use.

Royal Panda:

Royal Panda

When it comes to online slots, you can’t overlook Royal Panda. The site has been designed in such a way that it becomes easy to navigate. There are progressive jackpots to grab and also has an impressive collection of slots. If you are interested in other casino games, they are also available. If you run into any problems, customer care is super responsive. You can get a bonus of up to $2000 on your initial deposit. However, you need to be extra careful when signing up to understand what the general rules of gaming are.


This is a name that many people are not familiar with but those who are regular gamblers will know it. There is a huge bonus that you can trigger with your initial bonus and the site’s design is much better. The customer support is available 24/7. It doesn’t matter which device you are using to play the games; you will find it very convenient. Even though you are using your mobile, the site will allow you to perform all the functions with your fingers. The mobile design makes it one of the best choices that offer you the comfortability of playing from anywhere.

22Bet casino:

22Bet casino

This is one of the most popular names in the casino industry. It offers a variety of casino games and slots. The mobile application is much easier to use than the sites that you will have. It has been designed for the easy-to-go feature.


There are a lot of casinos that you will find catering to your requirements. The best thing to do is to make a comparison and make sure that you get the best choice. This way you will be able to save your money and the deal you get will be better.

Social casino games between fun and profits

Social casino games between fun and profits

Online gaming is a huge market as of now and there is no let-up in it. There are a lot of reasons as to why it became popular and one of that is because of the technological advancements that were brought into it which catered to a new audience. There are a lot of regulations that the industry has to go through when it comes to conducting business. There are loopholes also where this restriction shave helped it to make sure that the business is booming.


There are various areas in the world where either the online or both types of gambling remain restricted. In such cases, the gamblers will resort to gambling on foreign casinos. On the other hand, many of the countries have legalized casinos and have allowed their citizens to play on any platform or operate casinos within their borders. The laws in the countries vary and this is where markets change. In places where gambling is banned, the online market is much better as they can still wager their money on online casinos.



There has been a ban on real online gambling in various countries and many states of the US. This has led to the growth of many casino social games. These games don’t fall in the same category as gambling and players can play them without much hassle. They are interactive and fun like casino games. There is absolutely no difference. The companies have launched casino-style games on FB and other social media to cater to the requirements of gambling. The difference is that these games look like gambling games but don’t offer to gamble but work differently. This caters t the gambling crowd.

The first:

The first company to launch a social casino game was Playtika on Facebook. It was the time when Facebook was the only social media. The games were received well by the audience and the company grew. Soon the idea was bought by other companies who introduced themselves in the market. One such example is Slotomania. Ever since its introduction in the market, it has enticed the players and not only that but made huge profits. The net worth of Slotomani is more than the iPhone Apps that make up to $200,000. However, there is a lot that has to be achieved. Due to the competition in the market, the new companies are adopting interactive methods to keep their customers hitched to the screen.



Social casino games are fun to play. Instead of playing against the house, you get to play through the levels and make your way forward. There is a social interaction that plays an important part in gaming. It keeps you interested.


When it comes to casino gaming, nothing can take its place. Social casino games are intelligently designed games that ensure a different experience than traditional games. They are fun to play and interactive to interact with.

Top 4 social casino 2020 to play free slots

Top 4 social casino 2020 to play free slots

There are a lot of reasons to choose social casino slots and one of them is that it is free. You get to play a lot of games and you can interactively play them. They offer an experience that can’t be replicated. There are two ways to do that – Facebook or an App that...

Top 5 Facebook slot machine games online

Top 5 Facebook slot machine games online

Slots have changed a lot in recent years and with the advent of the internet, it has just transformed. One of the most significant developments in the slot world is the integration in the social media. You can now play games on platforms like Facebook. This will also let you see the progress of your friends and invite them to play the games. The interaction feature adds more to the game.

  1. Zynga Slots

This is one of the most popular slots on Facebook. It has been around for a while and boasts of a huge fan base on the platform. There are a lot of reasons for that and one that is that it is easy to play and load. It is available on all mobile devices without any hassle. Apart from spinning the wheel, you will get the option to invite your friends to join the game and add more fun to the game. If you want to play the game on your mobile, device, you can do that by click on “send to mobile” from the desktop version of Facebook. There you will have to download it and once it’s done, you are good to go.


  1. Slotomania

There is no mobile slot app for the game now but it is no doubt one of the most sought for games. It has millions of players. The graphics are much better and it is also available on other platforms. Even though there is no mobile app, the mobile design of the slot is made in such a way that the playing is a fun affair and doesn’t take much time to load.

  1. DiLiGo Games

There are complimentary token and coins that you can earn in the game. It may not be the most popular but when you are mentioning the games, it surely has a place. You will get 500 tokens for playing and there are other perks that you can trigger in the game also.  As you go on playing, you will be upgraded which will entail greater benefits and bonuses. On top of that, you can compare your score with that of your friends.

  1. Lucky Slots

You can either play it on your computer or your mobile devices. The game is fun and easy to play. Thanks to its design, Lucky slots will never lag. It has more than 1 million followers and every player is entitled to one or the other sort of perks during the game. More of these bonuses are added daily.


  1. 3D Slots

So many of the slot players choose 3D slots every day. There are a lot of reasons that it entices the players. You can win a whopping 1,000,000 coins every week, and a weekend bonus on Saturday where you can win a lot. The graphics are interactive and there are a lot of titles to choose from.


There are a lot of titles to choose from, but there are always some names that take a different spot. This is not only their design but also other features.


Top 5 social games websites to visit

Top 5 social games websites to visit

There are a lot of reasons that entice many people to visit social games websites. These differ from each other. The first thing that you must know is what are social games websites? You might’ve played a game on one of these websites, but don’t know. In a world where everything I connected through the internet, it is possible. These are simply the games that you play on social networks like Facebook. They can be multiplayer and target different age groups. There is no bar in that. It is a mixture of Flash, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, Objective-C, swift and C++ and is appealing to both men and women.


If you have been playing these games, then you will know this name and to those who are new, RevHolics is one such name that comes to your rescue when you don’t want to hit a casino. The games are fun and there is a lot to choose from. You have free coins, chips, and spins. On top of that, some blogs and reviews will let you know what to expect of the games.


This is an interactive social network gaming site. It has an added feature. You will be allowed to post about your status online. This will let your friends know what you are up to. There are many different games to choose from and you can also support your favorite life. It is a full gaming lifestyle where you get to do what you will want to do in a gaming world.


This is one of the easiest and convenient ways to play games online. You simply connect your Facebook account and you will get to find your friends there. You will also be able to get notifications, follow a friend, see the stories and video. This will let you be aware of the happenings.



Once you connect with this website through your social account, you can get connected with the players, chat with them, and guide them in the game. This interactive feature adds more to gaming and keeps you connected with other players.


There are a lot of features in pwned.com. You get to meet new players and interact with like-minded people. There are also points to redeem, video game consoles to win, and iPods to gain. The design is easy to use and in just a few minutes you will be able to navigate easily. Keep one thing in mind that you are selecting the best one. The best thing to do is to compare the sites by playing a session and you will get to know which one is the best.


Even though there are a lot of sites that you will want to check out, there are some that you definitely should check. They are easy to manage and add an experience to your gaming life that can’t be replaced. If you are into gaming, you can never miss that.

Top 7 slot machine Apps for android

Top 7 slot machine Apps for android

Ever since the advent of the internet, one of the industries that have taken full advantage of it is the casino industry. There are a lot of casinos where you can play slots online and it is an easy process. You don’t have to do much and as soon as you sign up for the casino, there is no waiting. This gives you an ease of playing even when you are not going to a land-based casino.

Caesars Slots

This is one of the most slots that you will find. From the slots to the interactive design, the app has a lot to offer. This is not your usual app and its graphics are designed in a way that will entice the player and keep him entertained. It gives you a feeling of playing on a real floor and even though you are not that makes it more interesting. There is an added sound feature that gives a realistic touch to the game.

Zeus the Goddess

Zeus the Goddess:

There are a lot of perks that you will get in the game. From the free spins to the bonuses, there is nothing that Zeus doesn’t have. There is already a balance of coins when you start the game and you have to make it through the five levels and win coins. Then there are added free spins and wild cards that help you advance in the game. The game is full of excitements and the sounds are much better.

World Series of Poker:

This is not only confined to poker but if you are interested, you have the best choice. The game makes intelligent use of the design and graphics to give you an experience that you have never had before. Pay-outs are very fast and the design is smooth.

Vegas 777 Words:

Vegas 777 is a well-known name in the slot world. You have to complete levels and your efforts are the ones that make you progress through it. There are hints, tiles, and watchpoints to look for. As you go from one level to another, you strengthen your position.


Slotomania gives you the option of opening the progressive levels as you make your way up to the top. There are coins to gather and the design of the site is very modern. The programming has been done keeping in mind the likes of the modern players. As you keep playing, your million-dollar meter will grow up.

Poker Heat

Poker Heat:

This is one of the most important apps that you can have on your phone. It is easy to play and convenient to navigate. Make sure that you are downloading the right one.

Super Double Jewels

This is a very fun slot game that also pops on social media. The graphics are more fun and you get a lot of features in the game. If you are interested in the slots, then this is the choice for you.


Choices are a lot, but some are different than the other and when it comes to slots, you want to play the best.


Top social casino games companies

Top social casino games companies

Social networking has given birth to a new type of gaming. The social casino gaming is different than your regular gaming or offline gaming. It no longer is isolated but connects a huge base of the audience. It allows you to connect to your friends and see how they are doing and if they are not playing, you can add them to the game.



One of the most popular names is Playstudios. They produce games for mobile and social networks. The name is popular for its intelligent integration of games and social platforms giving the player an experience that it can’t replace. Engaging gambling mechanics play an important part in the gaming session. There are a lot of games that the player can choose from and if they are lucky they can win a variety of rewards in real life which they can redeem.

Dab Gaming Ltd:

The second name is Dab gaming. It has quite a few innovations in its name, but when it comes to quality, there is nothing second to it. Founded in 2013 in the United Kingdom, it has launched Bingo Dab. The games are targeted directly to the customer. The company is set to release the other titles under its name in the coming future.

GamesAnalytics (deltaDNA):

GamesAnalytics was founded in 2010. The use of design and market-leading deep data functionality and high-performance increase the engagement of the users. Though the name is not that popular, through the years it no doubt has remained in the market despite the competition.


Kama Games have been around for the last ten years. It produces games for Playstation, Xbox, Mobile platforms, and other platforms where there is a requirement. Certain games feature top positions in the Apple Store and Playstore. This is due to the advanced form of programming integrated and the ease of using the software that has helped it carve a special place.



It is one of the earliest companies that were founded and concentrated on the concept of social gaming. Founded in Israel in 2010, it creates real-life multiplayer games for social networks. It collaborates with various social networks for its processing.


Game account has been founded in the UK and is one of the leading names in the casino games. It is a supplier of iGaming systems, online gaming content, and services. There are other solutions like CMS and real-money solutions that give it an edge over the others.



Playtrex was founded in Israel in 2016 and focuses on the future of the casino social gaming. The game adds a lot of twist to the already released game like in Poker it injects power-ups and character development.


There is a lot that is advancing the gaming sector. Many of the companies are already investing in the future and making sure that the games that they produce deliver on the expectation of the modern gaming world.

Which are the most successful slots games on social networks

Which are the most successful slots games on social networks

Slots are one of the features of casinos that have developed a lot in the recent past. Over time it has reported increased growth and with the development of social networks and the internet, gaming has become much fun and easier. There are a lot of slots that you must play when you are considering slots. They are the most popular and will be worth your time.

House of Fun:

This is one of the most popular slots interfaces that you will find. There are more than 200 casino games that you can play on the platform. The games are easy to play and there is no much required of you. You will have a hefty balance of 1,000 coins that you get to play in the start. You can use these or just purchase more. As you keep playing the game, the balance will increase if you win. There is a progress bar where you will see how far you are from levelling up. There are also different kinds of levels that you get to play where you can unlock different perks by playing.


This is one name that has a reputation in social casino games. The theme of the casino si interactive and is set in a futuristic city. The host will introduce you to a lot of features of the game and you will get a huge balance of coins to play with. There are rewards and bonuses that you will trigger when you are playing and as you keep playing you strengthen your position in the game. There are more than 100 games available and many of these slots can be unlocked after reaching a certain level. Slotomania is full of slots.

Viva Slots Vegas Casino

Viva Slots Vegas Casino:

The design of the Viva slots is easy to navigate as it has been made for mobile users only. You get a balance of 2,500 credits to play in the beginning. As you proceed through the game, you will be able to unlock new features in the game and many perks will be unlocked. You can also become a VIP member of the game by paying a little amount which will give you access to a lot of features.

Zynga Hit it Rich Social Casino:

Zynga is a well-known name in the social casino world. It has the theme of Game of Thrones and uses graphics to entice you. Apart from that, there are genuine bonuses that will give you a boost in the game. Regular offers, additional coins, and there are deals in the game that you don’t want to miss.

Caesars Games Social Casino:

Once you sign up for the Caesars casino, you will get a coin bonus of 25,000 in your account. There are more than 100 games to choose from and you can either use the balance or buy more coins. You must also check your inbox regularly to see if there are any offers.


Slots are the best way to pass your time but keep in mind that you must compare them with each other to find which is the best for you.







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