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What Makes Social Games …Social?

A social game is when you can easily share your progress with your friends and family and get them involved in your gaming journey.

Sharing your results with your friends or followers

Mims The Game offers you easy access into sharing the games and allowing your followers to keep track of your constant wins and losses.

Inviting others to play the game with you

Want to play with others? With us, you can easily invite the players you would like to play with and also keep a note on the other player’s progress.

Posting awards and achievements to your profile

You can boast about your gaming achievements with Mims The Game; all you have to do is sign in with us and start to play.

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Moreover, you can read games guide and casino reviews.
You can be sure that you can access trending games that people love with our unique platform. You can share and receive a few updates that can help you enhance gaming quality.

over 100 exciting and unique slots

With over 100 unique slots to choose from, we want to provide everyone with something that they can enjoy.

over 5 million users and 12 million followers

From our launch to date, we have over 5 million trusted followers who have enjoyed our gambling and gaming services. If you are a gambler, this is the platform that you have been waiting for where you can join like-minded people.


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