Online gaming is a huge market as of now and there is no let-up in it. There are a lot of reasons as to why it became popular and one of that is because of the technological advancements that were brought into it which catered to a new audience. There are a lot of regulations that the industry has to go through when it comes to conducting business. There are loopholes also where this restriction shave helped it to make sure that the business is booming.


There are various areas in the world where either the online or both types of gambling remain restricted. In such cases, the gamblers will resort to gambling on foreign casinos. On the other hand, many of the countries have legalized casinos and have allowed their citizens to play on any platform or operate casinos within their borders. The laws in the countries vary and this is where markets change. In places where gambling is banned, the online market is much better as they can still wager their money on online casinos.



There has been a ban on real online gambling in various countries and many states of the US. This has led to the growth of many casino social games. These games don’t fall in the same category as gambling and players can play them without much hassle. They are interactive and fun like casino games. There is absolutely no difference. The companies have launched casino-style games on FB and other social media to cater to the requirements of gambling. The difference is that these games look like gambling games but don’t offer to gamble but work differently. This caters t the gambling crowd.

The first:

The first company to launch a social casino game was Playtika on Facebook. It was the time when Facebook was the only social media. The games were received well by the audience and the company grew. Soon the idea was bought by other companies who introduced themselves in the market. One such example is Slotomania. Ever since its introduction in the market, it has enticed the players and not only that but made huge profits. The net worth of Slotomani is more than the iPhone Apps that make up to $200,000. However, there is a lot that has to be achieved. Due to the competition in the market, the new companies are adopting interactive methods to keep their customers hitched to the screen.



Social casino games are fun to play. Instead of playing against the house, you get to play through the levels and make your way forward. There is a social interaction that plays an important part in gaming. It keeps you interested.


When it comes to casino gaming, nothing can take its place. Social casino games are intelligently designed games that ensure a different experience than traditional games. They are fun to play and interactive to interact with.