There are a lot of reasons to choose social casino slots and one of them is that it is free. You get to play a lot of games and you can interactively play them. They offer an experience that can’t be replicated. There are two ways to do that – Facebook or an App that has to be downloaded on your phone. Make sure that you have got it already to start with. Once you are done with it, you can give it a go.

Scatter Slots:

Scatter Slots

This is one of the most popular casinos on the internet. It is not new and has been part of the industry for a long time. Developed by Murka Games Limited, it was introduced in 2011. There are a lot of tournaments that you can choose from and on top of that, it has more than 100 unique slots that you can play. It boasts of its fan base of 20 million players and a million downloads. This is a good name for those who will want to try something new.

Casino World:

Even though casino World is the latest addition to the list, it is not new to innovation> from the games that you can play to the ease of use, you will find everything in there. It was launched in 2019 and in a short period has managed to pull a name for itself. Apart from slots, you can play blackjack, roulette, and video poker on the casino. The game has a theme that hitches you to it. You have to choose your avatar, and then go on to build your casino empire. There are in-game features like charts and you should play it on a computer as the phone screen will not be good for building. You get drag and drop to build the casino and there are 100,000 free coins as a welcome bonus.


This is a name that everybody is familiar with. It is packed with unique games and interactive features. There is no replacement for this. The new player will get a bonus of 20,000 free coins and there are no requirements of deposit. You can either play through Facebook or the mobile App.

Caesar’s Social Casino:

Caesar’s Social Casino

The Caesar’s casino App was purchased by Playtika in 2016. There are a lot of features that make it one of the best apps on the market. You have loads of exciting games on your phone and there are 40,000 free coins of bonus that you get when you sign up for the first time. It is fun and has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t lag in anything.


There are a lot of casinos that offer a nice gaming experience and they are a click away. The social casinos offer an experience that is similar to gambling but with added features. This adds more fun to the game.